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Starting problems....


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Can anyone offer any advice please. My 2017 Roadsport (Sigma engine) started perfectly a couple of weeks ago, as it has since I bought it. Went out yesterday and the engine will only just turn over a couple of times (very slowly) then stops. Battery is fully charged, and I've tried jumping from another working car battery. Checked all of the starter motor and battery terminals which seem fine.

The only other thing I've noticed is that when the ignition is turned on the speedo needle is jumping at three second intervals..... 

Any suggestions would be much appreciated.


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If the battery won't turn the engine over properly but is fully charged, I'd first of all be looking at the various earthing points for the starting circuit: 

Positive: battery terminal, starter terminal (plus FIA switch if you have one)

Negative: battery terminal, battery to chassis earth, battery to bellhousing earth, engine to chassis earth (via LH engine mount)

Inspect, check for tightness and that the contacts are clean.

The bouncing speedo needle is a puzzle -- possibly also down to an earthing problem?


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Hi there, 

Many, many thanks for the advice and and help. Having checked all the connections I took Jonathan's advice and had another look at the battery (it is a Banner one that came with the car) with a multimeter. Even though the CTEK battery charger was saying it was 'fully charged' the voltage across the terminals was only 4v - so no where enough to turn the engine over. Tried jumping again from another car with the engine running for 20 minutes and, sure enough, she started.

Off tomorrow to buy a new battery. So final question...... any recommendations for a replacement battery (preferably a heavy duty one) ?

So again, thanks to you all for the helpful advice, and to Jonathan for taking the trouble to send be wiring diagrams etc.






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