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How are 2020 model year fog and reverse units attached?


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I have a 2006 SV and my fog/reverse light units are bolted on (obviously!) via a captive bolt in the unit and a nut/washer on that back.  This is totally inaccessible with an SV tank.

I understand that new machines have a rivnut and the units are thus bolted on from the front. 

Is anyone currently building a new S3 and can confirm this?  I have a new S3 on the way will want to carry out a mod which will necessitate removal.... 


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No big deal if they are nut and bolt (like my '98 car) just slacken off the tank straps and slide the tank up to create a gap. I changed mine to rivnuts but you have to dremmel the captive hex for the bolt within the light unit.

Historically, these were part of the home assembly but there were too many punctured fuel tanks as the drill popped through the thin rear panel!

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Thanks!  but..

I would like to know if brand new machines have rivnuts..!

On an SV there is absolutely no room to access the securing nuts.  On an S3 there appears to be a bit of space to get a spanner on from behind. 

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The nut has been replaced with a rivnut, and the lamp is secured with this screws https://caterhamparts.co.uk/other/3351-countersunk-screw-fog-reverse-light-fixing-pack-of-5.html 

The lamp units are modified versions of the Land Rover parts.  In the Land Rover they have a nut holding them from the back, and a bolt molded into the black plastic casing.  Caterham removes this molded nut, and counter sinks the hole to use the screws above.  

It saves the need to remove / move the tank for removal and refitting of the fog light.   Once removed you will be left with one hole for the wiring and a rivnut either side.


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Hi PBO17

This is a photo from my 2017 420R SV with a 2020 rear end due to an inattentive motorist at a Tee junction so the car spent 4 weeks going through the Caterham system again to have a new rear end. So this is how they are fitted now.

I was fitting JAL lights this afternoon so had the lights dismantled.


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