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Dial Rubber Gaskets Question.


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  • 2 weeks later...

Do the thinkauto gauge isolators mentioned above definitely fit?

One of the issues with the very thin Caterham o-rings is that the gauges can easily be overtightened and then the white plastic surround cracks away from the body requiring the gauge to be replaced. So far I've replaced two.

These thicker isolators look a lot thicker so better from a vibration perspective, which is what I suspect the above problem is related to.

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The correct gauge o-ring is a square profile rather than round, they're only maybe 1mm thick but work fine. They're designed to locate the gauge to stop it rotating rather than being a damper, they only need the slightest tightening of the clamp nuts certainly not enough to compress them ... if you're breaking the gauges you need to find someone with smaller fingers!!!


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