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Damper lengths - live axle


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Does anyone have the damper lengths (open and closed) for a live axle car - have searched the site but all discussions seem to be around DD cars.  Am thinking of moving to a rose jointed rear damper (based on advice on this site).  My front wishbones are the trunnion type if that makes a difference to the front measurements.

Was hoping to find the measurements without having to strip the car down.

Also any recommendations for live axle cars (for track days and maybe some sprinting next season) - I see Spax still list them but never been a spax fan after running them on my original Mini.

Many thanks


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Sean, I have got the original Caterham supplied dampers (Spax I think) tucked away for reference.  I will dig them out and take the measurements for you.  I will measure spring seat to spring seat open and closed and also centre to centre of the bolt holes open and closed for the front. What measurement do you want for the back (centre bolt hole to ???)

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From my old Spax dampers

Spring seat to spring seat

Front fully extended 227mm, closed to bump rubbers 171mm

Rear fully extended 357mm, closed to bump rubbers 236mm

Centre to centre bolt holes front 317mm extended, 261mm closed

Centre of bolt to end of rod rear 492mm extended, 371mm closed

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