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Boot Cover minus Hood Sticks


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Looking at the Caterham parts website they make several for cages & R500s without hood sticks. Perhaps call them to identify the appropriate one

Also SBFS make them in mohair which are rather nice.

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Mark, I spoke with Jemma at Oxted about this a couple of years ago, they make 47 different boot covers some with sticks some without. I'm pretty sure the one you need is Caterham part no. 73460 "boot cover SLR500 to fit with no hood sticks". My understanding though is that this fits with the twin diagonal FIA bar but not with the single diagonal which I have, I couldn't progress any further because of this. Just so you're aware, the reduced height cover doesn't extend to cover the small brackets that attach the hood sticks.


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I think I might have one. It came off my car when it had a full cage (i.e. X in the roll over hoop) it's definitely a low profile one designed to fit the boot edge without hood sticks. Let me know if you're interested and I will get some pictures for you.
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