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EBay - used Caterham 6 speed gearbox for sale


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Caveat Emptor

I bought a 6 speed box that had only had a few race hours since a full rebuild - 1 broken gear, three shot bearings and an £800 bill later it was fit to use! Mind, buying/repairing was still cheaper than the one above :-0

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That one has been for sale for quite a while.  There were two from this seller at one stage; if you look at 'completed listings' or 'sold items' you'll pick it up.  From memory, it went for quite a bit less than is being asked for this one.


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It's a bit pricey that but it appears to be the only one available right now. Years ago I bought an allegedly rebuilt 6 speed box with only a couple of subsequent races under its belt that quickly needed some synchro's replacing by R&RT. I did the same again last year, with a similar story, for my current car but having learned a lesson took it straight to R&RT for a cautionary check over and it needed a couple of synchro's. Even then, all in, quite a bit less than this one.

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