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garage clearout

elie boone

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Live Axle FIA bar RHD nned some tlc 120gbp

7 grille grey SV almost new 25gbp

OEM thermostat Zetec 2.0  new 20gbp

CF NACA duct 260mm long new 20gbp

4/1 collector from a Duratec id primary's 44mm od exhaust side 64mm used 120gbp

Duratec belt tensioner used 10gbp

Duratec thermostat brand new 20gbp

Duratec rear connector water way's used 10gbp

duratec OEM fuel rail used 10gbp​

Live axle Leda dampers needs refurbishement 2.25 springs for the price of p&p = 17 euro

DFaulkner springs new 8"x300lbs 2.25 id x2 20gbp

DFaulkner springs new 8"x170lbs 2.25id x2 20gbp

suplex springs new 12'x140lbs 2.25id new 20gbp

set of Spax dampers for live axle with springs (4) used no oil leaks 40gbp

Redline springs 2x79601 new 20gbp

Redline springs 2x79602 new 20gbp

VX 2.0 late type flywheel clutch plate and CRB 20gbp

X flow cil head complete but all std probably needs refurbishement 50gbp prefer GONADS on this one

pictures on request

Parts are in Belgium and P&P up to 10kg is 17 euro to the UK





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