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Early cars head restraint solutions? 1987 BDR


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I am thinking of a Tillett for the driver and leaving the original low back seat for passengers, as my prime passenger likes it already. However, I am concerned about the lack of head restraint. Are there any effective solutions for that for the passenger? So where I say "effective" I am thinking that a bit of pipe padding added to the roll bar is not ideal. I stand to be corrected about that.


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I'm looking at a similar issue on my S1 bitsa, and have decided I will create support bars for simple round cushions along the lines of this:


as a period-looking, whiplash-minimizing option.

I have not done it yet though I am considered preparing it for hillclimbing and would therefore need to change the roll bar and work out what rules might apply regarding the headrest extensions. I do have a couple of the Caterham head restraint brackets that I could use/adapt.

I am sure for the price of a Tillet you could get someone to fabricate a headrest support and get headrests made for both sides and keep the original seats if that appealed. My dad's BDR has the low back seats and I will do the same thing if I ever manage to prise it away from him :-D


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I went through this debate after a 2k miles trip last year. I looked at Oxteds option of the newer S type and the GT seat but neither achieved what I wanted. Tillets were not an option as the hips just too tight in the tillets. I ended up with a better solution bespoke made with me specifying the leather, the pattern of perforations, extra thigh and lumber support and headrests and at half of Oxteds quote for GT seats

I had also investigated having headrest tubes welded into the existing frame but Aldridge Trimming ( who do a lot of work for Car SOS) advised that it would be more expensive than new seats

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