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Rear brakes HiSpec upgrade - Request for information


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I am in the scope of upgrading the rear brakes of my 2005 S3 Cat.
The subject has been address many times but I need further information for being able to order the need part to HiSpec.
I already made the front axle with HiSpec UL4 + vented 260mm grooved disks.

Now this is the time to upgrade the rear side.
According to the information I could retrieve, the caliper should be UL2 SVA Sierra; piston size should be 38.6mm diameter.
As for the disks, which one (reference) to get from HiSpec meaning that their diameter should be 232mm, 10mm thick.
I would like to get grooved one (for having the same design as for the front).
What should I need to add for being able to fit all the stuff?

Thanks for your help.

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Do the pads on the Ultralite 2 SVA calipers match the standard 232mm Triumph solid discs well? I ask because these calipers are just a generic Sierra caliper and I thought the Sierra use slightly larger discs. Is the pad therefore not close to the edge of our smaller discs?

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