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Spark Plugs


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Just to add, on my 1.8 VVC I had a problem with an intermittent misfire recently. Convinced it was a plug misfire I swapped to another set of 7s and it made no difference. Further convinced that it only happened when the plugs would be running at their coolest (after a long overrun coast to a junction or when the engine hadn't warmed up) I swapped to BCPR6ES and the problem has never been seen since. They might be a bit hot for hard track use though, mine is road only and I think the engine was just telling me I don't drive it hard enough!
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Under low load conditions with ambient temperatures below 20°C, I get slight misfires with the BCPR7ES plugs set to 0.9mm gap on my R400D. A quick thrash of the car will clear it. I’ve tried half a dozen “6” temperature plugs from NGK, Champion and Autolite, all can misfire under heavy load on the track or at autocross, so I’ve not found an ideal plug for all use cases.

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