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XFlow Exhaust fume question


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After two , one hour blats up the Tollway yesterday, whether its because it was the first time on the the road at a constant speed in fast flowing traffic ( 110Ks... honest), the exhaust fumes in the car seemed higher than I would liked.

My car is an 85 with only high density foam over the pedal pivots.

The Engine is a just run in LOTUS Twin Cam with the exhaust exiting the rear not the side. There are no exhaust leaks and the engine has a catch tank breather on the dry sump. tank.

I also had the Hood roll attached to the roll bar and the car has roll bar mounted head rests, and I had the side screens on.

Given the air turbulence I am wondering if the side exhaust is better in this regard?

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Madmalcs argument makes sense. What crankcase breathing have you got?

Standard was to route via a small breather can under the rear carb I to the inlet manifold but a much better option is to route into the rocker  cover at the front end and another to exit at the rear into a catch tank to catch and condense oil suspended leaving drier air to vent below the car.

Did this on my 89 xf 18 years ago and no fumes. PM me if you want photos


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Thanks guys some very valid suggestions and ones I hadn't thought of.


Could it be petrol rather than exhaust?  good thought... there a  breather on the tank that just vents to atmosphere Weber Mixtures are still being sorted.

Have you got the results of a recent exhaust emissions test?  .....not necessary here... thank goodness, having said that I am doing the tune of the engine myself, 11:1 comp BRM valved and ported head D type cams. Im using an Innovative motor sport Wide band 02 reader great toy. The Engine has 12.5 ratio at 3,000 rpm up (very happy with that) but at the transfer point at 2.500 that needs more adjustment, but Idle is side and pump jets I am happy with. But will tweak them further when I get a 02 plug put in the exhaust


The side exit  is in serious consideration. but oddly they are illegal here as the fume may come in the side windows.... My friends ex Japan  has one and  they didn't make him change it when it came into the country!


It has a breather catch tank with a K&N type filter so moving the filter its self may be an idea.


Interesting idea however its a drysump Twin Cam and filler and breather are reworked 

Again Guys thank you






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