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Replacement for Momo horn push


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I'm putting a 12 1/2" Momo from EBay on my QR hub to replace a smaller wheel.  It didnt come with a horn button, nor would one work with my QR, so I'd like something to fill in the 5.5cm hole in the center of the wheel over the hub.  I'm sure someone has put a Momo wheel on before.  Was there some Caterham wheel center cap or perhaps nose badge that was the right size to fit and look good?


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Momo Horn Buttons are availlable with several different Logos (Lotus, Caterham, MOMO, ...) and also without any logo.

You may look e.g. on ebay.co.uk by searchin "momo horn button".

May be it will not work, but at least it closes the hole ;-)



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Thanks for the reply.  I just did the search and none with a Caterham logo, which is what I would like.  I guess my real question is what is the diameter of the Caterham wheel center cap or stick on nose badge (not stated on the parts website) so I will know if it will work in place of a horn push button?


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