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Rover K series 1.6l rad bottom hose


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Hi Folks, 

Help please !   I have a 1999 1.6l Rover K series Supersport.

I have owned it since 2003 and, as far as I know, everything is original spec.  However, the cooling hoses, not surprisingly, were showing their age  so I decided to replace them before they dumped water all over the road - probably 100 miles from home!

The top hose wasn't a problem but the  U shaped part of the bottom hose is proving a real problem!

The long part of the U fits into the hose coming from the rad bottom without a problem but the short U that fits onto the thermostat hosing  just won't! I have tried the usual - boiling water, grease and brute force but it simply will not push on.  I contacted "ask an expert" at Caterham Cars but all I got back was "Yes, you have bought the correct hose and yes they are a tight fit. Have you tried tyre lube?"

At 76 I don't enjoy lying on cold concrete garage floors so I took it down to my local garage who do the MoT for me. Even they couldn't fit it! They reckoned that the new hose internal diameter was about 3mm less than the thermostat housing connection.

Anybody had a similar problem or, better still,  any suggestions for getting it on?

Thanks.   Peter  (aka Yellow Peril)*confused*

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Warm it a bit?

A very strong younger relative? 

Show us some pics and identify the part (link to parts store)? This is so others who know and will be along soon can see. I recall a new fuel filler hose I was sure would never fit and it did in the end. 


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In addition to warm it up, lube it I find that technique of getting bottom lip of hose on thermo housing and push up and hard gets it on but it can be a b****r! Persistence unfortunately.

other option to remove thermo housing and do on bench but comes with risk of getting thermo housing back on which is even more pleasurable! 

Where do you live Peter? 

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I have a 1997 K and only this week changed all hoses to silicone but still struggled with the "U" even though the silicone hoses are more flexible.

I was on the point of calling on a stronger neighbour when it finally went on with the aid of washing up liquid and all the strength I had after trying for about 15 minutes, working from above, and fitting at the thermostat first to allow more movement.

I still have a new spare bought from Caterham about 5 years ago and it measures 30mm at both ends. The old one, just removed, has stretched to 33mm at the thermostat so it appears that brute force and lubrication is the answer.

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I changed the same hose on my 1999K a couple of weeks ago. As mentioned above I removed the thermostat housing and fitted the hose off the car. At the came time I took the opportunity to drill a small hole in the metal thermostat body. A well know anti air lock mod if you search the forum. The thermostat housing is sealed into the water pump body with an o ring and bolt which also holds the dip stick housing. I found it easy to remove with a bit of wiggling but make sure you don’t damage the o ring when reinstalling as it will leak if damaged. I think the o ring is a specific Rover item. I refilled the system slowly via the expansion tank and top heater hose and had no air locks.

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Thanks so much to everyone who posted. Apologies for the delay but we have had a major power cut and it has only just come back on!

Most of the ideas I have tried but it does seem that brute force  plays a large part!!

In reply to Probe, I live in a little place called Wolseley Bridge,  some 8 miles east of Stafford and 2 miles north of Rugeley.

I'll keep trying.

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