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Lower mirror


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 I´m David from Spain, the inside central mirror of my 2003 1.6 k Roadsport hides me a lot of vision when I'm driving in sharped bends roads, do you know if exist a central mirror that I can fix in a lower position??, does exist a mirror than can be fixed using the same two holes of that fasteners (I don't want to drill the car) and with a standard windscreen??, where can I find them (if they exist)??.


Thank you, David.

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I don't think the popper bases on the scuttle would make a secure fixing. Have you considered a mirror with a suction cup fixing on to the glass .... usually sold for parent to watch a child on the rear seat. I use one of these as my main central rear view mirror. You can attach it anywhere on the screen. Just clean the glass well before fixing the mirror. Any dust on the screen will reduce the adhesion.
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