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X/F Gearbox Leak


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My 1996 S3 Super Sprint has a leak which appears to be coming from the oil seal where the prop enters  its 4 speed box.  I assume this is an engine out job and as I have not done this in over 30 years I would appreciate any tips on the process. Also whilst the engine is out is there anything beside the box I should be looking at?   Is the replacement of the tail seal a DIY job?

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I guess it's a live axle, it you have the open floor mostly on a long cockpit , i.e. no alloy panel direct under the prop shaft then you can undo the prop shaft and slide it over the diff and replace the seal in situ, if you have a fully closed floor as most short cockpit chassis have then it might be an engine and gearbox out job. If it has to come apart do check your clutch and CRB

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