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Cable driven speedo


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Can you alter the speedo drive ratio's in the gearbox and if so can you get to them with the gearbox in the car?.

I have changed the diff ratio from 3.9 to 3.6 and it is a huge improvement with the 1.8 engine and a six speed box. I think the original diff gave around 16 mph per 1000 rpm and now its 18 mph per 1000 rpm with 14" inch wheels. These figures are from the Caterham manual so I don't know how accurate they are. It now looks like my speedo is under reading by at least 10%

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When I did mine I found a company on ebay that made billet ally drives for the type 9 which is the same as the 6sp. Ford ones are quite rare! 

I have a 6sp / 3.62 and the speedo reads spot on . I’ll dig out the old drive and count rhe teeth (changed as leaked oil via rhe ferrule)


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Black 24 tooth speedo drive has the ford FINIS code of 6011058, this is correct for a 5 speed gearbox, presuming it is the same part in a 6-speed then that might help you search the internet, but could be difficult to get this part. Another option is to get your speedo re-calibrated at JDO Instruments if you have an analogue speedo. Probably cost about the £120 mark.

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