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Correct orientation of the front suspension strut


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Evening All,

I've just been looking at Caterham videos online and spotted a couple where the front Bilstein suspension assembly is the other way around to the way I've installed it.  I've installed it with the adjustable collar at the bottom, but others seem to be at the top.

There seems to be a mix.

Is either option OK?


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Either way up is fine. Your description suggests yours are "the right way up", the alternative is "upside down" which puts the spring at the bottom and the main sleeve of the shock at the top ... no I'm not kidding!

Racers have often run them upside down because it's easier to change springs by removing only the bottom wishbone eye bolt but leaving the shock in place at the top.


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On my R400D I’ve run mine “upside down” for 25,000km or so without any issues. Main advantages are easier access to adjust the platforms, dirt doesn’t accumulate as much on the body surface near the piston and slightly lower unsprung weight (assuming the piston side is slightly lighter than the body side). The only disadvantage seems to be that it looks unusual, if one cares about that sort of thing.

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