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SORTED X Flow/BDR - Tacho Wiring - Readable Diagram Anyone??


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My tacho isn't working, so has anyone got a readable diagram showing which wire ( and colour thereof) goes to which connection on the Tacho on early Ford cars.  The wiring diagram in my build manual is so poor I cannot read any detail.

Many thanks

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Thanks for replying. The car is a BDR, but the ignition side is same as a X flow.

The original system was replaced with a Lumenition as part of the engine rebuild, everything else works just not the tacho, just need to have details of what colour wire goes where in case I transposed a wire when I replaced the dash, and as I said my copy of the wiring diagram is woeful.


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Black = earth// Green = 12v feed// White / Black signal, i can scan the diagram if you want. BTW there is only one connection to the coil if it's a Caerbont gauge but if it's a Lucas there will be a coil signal wire on both sides of the coil.

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