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New 310 Build - Engine Mount Bolts


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I cannot find the engine mount bolts in any fastener packs (mount to rubber and rubber to chassis) and the build manual does not specify the fixings. There were no fixings with the rubbers, which were in a box with the gearbox fixing plate.

Am I a fastener pack short or are they in Miscellaneous pack or elsewhere?

Any suggestions or am I being thick?


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In the Miscellaneous fastener pack you should have two cap heads (1/2 inch X 2 1/2 inch UNF) for mount to rubber blocks.

There are also 4 M8 bolts 8.8 grade.  Three are 45 mm long and the one that takes the engine earth is 50 mm from memory.  These are for the rubber blocks to chassis.

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For what its worth and at the risk of criticism, I was reluctant to scrape of powder coating for the engine mount earth and made up a new lead from the battery negative to the captive fitting nearby, as seen below.

I was told that there was a risk of dissimilar metal corrosion but 4 years on its been fine and there not the slightest sign of corrosion, which doesn't surprise me given the quite protected position.


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Scott, Caterham obviously agree with you as the current manual does exactly as you have done, so the historic 'earth lead to rubber mount' is no longer needed !

Although the bolts that go from rubber mount to chassis are still the same (i.e one is still longer for the earth lead thats no longer needed).

Chris - you will find that one of the caphead bolts that Jim mentions above, sits in a slot in the engine mount. The manual shows a spring washer, but that will not fit in the slot ! Derek told me to leave it off. 

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Really? I didn’t know that. When I built my car I just didn’t want to go scraping the PC so I bought some cable and terminals and a manual crimp tool and went my own way!

I remember once mentioning it on here and received quite a few comments about the risk of corrosion, which seemed quite ironic given the original recommendation. 

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All super helpful, thanks all (and noted Kiloromeo).

So, I have negative cables from battery to belhousing and the other to the passenger footwell point (as photo above) - all fine.

Still a couple of questions though:

1. I have a single positive (red)  cable, which I assume goes from battery to starter motor solenoid - this cable is 115cm long - is that normal as it seems ridiculously long?

2. I also have a brown cable (black sleeve) from the alternator - does this connect directly to the starter solenoid along with the positive cable?

3. Shouldn't there also be a positive connection to the fuse box area? There is a pair of 8mm ring terminals (brown wire) on the loom should these also connect to the solenoid?

Thanks again for all the help - really appreciated.

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