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Brake lights always on

Alex BG

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This is my first post having enjoyed ownership of my 2013 1.4K classic for nearly a month.

I had just finished washing the car after a blat and found the brake lights are stuck on. I have found plenty of posts with BL not working which the consensus tends to be the switch in the pedal. 

I didn’t have any tools with me today so couldn’t open the pedal box, will have to wait for next weekend, any other areas I should check?


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Welcome *smile*

It's usually easier to find problems when the lights are on, so that good. As both brake lights are on, I suspect the switch is the cause. It might need adjusting, mine was coming on as I accelerated soon after I built my car.

If it has the really rubbish plastic switch in the pedal box, I suggest spending a little money and swapping to a much more reliable metal switch available from Car Builder Solutions.


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This is the one that you want (if the switch is the problem)


At least your light is stuck on. Mine was intermittent and completely unknown to me until I was told after some dramatic evasive action from a friend following behind. Caterham should fix this.

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