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Handbrake caliper for ventilated rear discs


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The standard Caterham combined offering doesn't work on ventilated discs.  Does anyone know of a 2 or 4 pot combined system that does?  Alternatively, has anyone managed to fit a mechanical spot parking caliper (e.g Wilwood) to a ventilated rear disc set-up?


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I spoke to Alex @ Hispec when I was in the market, good knowledge offered exactly what I wanted in relation to caliper finish and although there was a weeks delay in delivery I did get a call to advise me on this.

I was a little sceptical after reading other reports but mine was a good transaction

SVA Ultralite 2 fits nicely on my S3, you need to make your own handbrake cable but thats not too difficult, BM me if you need details on that.

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