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Rear tire fitment issue


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I have run my Hoosiers with no issues 

I recently had the car resprayed and they dismantled some of the rear components, now the tires are hard against the trailing arms.

Any ideas as everything looks OK is there a left and right not that I see that making any difference.





 TrailingArm3.thumb.jpg.56004b05a50321d0127015a3dd8f55cc.jpg TrailingArm4.thumb.jpg.e4b088174d39d547213c7fbec8016545.jpg TrailingArm5.thumb.jpg.de469c59349a996ebad0a6f088afd787.jpg

HoosierTireMounted_0.thumb.jpg.5a51c33dace5be6c15bafd877153f2d7.jpg HoosierTireSize_0.thumb.jpg.88ce2b76e6efab2566f24e28bcf47461.jpg

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  • Area Representative

'not sure quite how significant this is with regard to the tyre to radius arm clearance, but the photos show the Watts link bellcrank is upside down!

The rear arm should be lower than the upper arm!

I'd swap them over and check clearance again

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  • Leadership Team

Yes you've assembled your wheels incorrectly. IIRC the split rim bolts (M7) should be tightened to around 18Nm, although if you have the originals they'll be Nylok nuts so it's a bit of a wild guess.


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