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Height of the roll bar.


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I am trying to find the correct "name" for my roll bar. I wan´t to buy the half hood and am trying to find the correct verson.

My roll bar looks like the picture below. I have 90cm from window to top centre of the bar. My rollbar is 127cm from left to right (on top of the bar) and it is 43 cm on top (where the bends start)

The heigh is 33cm from the seatbelt bolts to the top of the bar.

I am thinking that the bar is to low? Should I maybe change to another one? Maybe change to lowered floor. (I am 185cm high, but my wife is 160cm high)


Best Regards

Kenneth Mula

93_7714708691_0.thumb.jpg.134c36051354834fa6b353b10e60d8ba.jpg 93_7343545011_0.thumb.jpg.a6bb331b82b165d0cf031d04ce8a08ff.jpg







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Hello again and thanks for the answers.

I have sent a mail to softbits with the measurements. I have tried to find the "normal" height on a roll bar. I think that my roll bar is "home made", both thicker and more angled towards the middle. 

Will have a look to se if I can find the measurements on other bars.




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Kenneth, personally I'd investigate sourcing an o/e FIA bar for your car, then buy the standard Thundersports or Softbits half hood to suit. Your bar is quite narrow across the top which in turn will make the half hood narrow, I suspect that if you fit sidescreens (doors) they won't actually meet the half hood which is not ideal.


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