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Cracked engine mount weld.


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I recently removed my K series engine to replace the damaged oil gallery and found that the angle weld on the engine mount was cracked. Not easily visible as the water pipe and engine earth strap are in the line of sight when the engine is in the car. Is this a common fault/weakness with this item or should I investigate another cause?


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Yes, your correct Ian. It is from the inlet side on an SV. The new bracket from Caterham has a "recessed" hole for the top fixing to the engine and a flush one for the bottom but appears to be much the same as the broken one. My engine is the X power version with an aluminum plenum which rubs on the louvers of the bonnet so I asked Caterham if I needed the VVC/X Power bracket for an SV. Apparently not, they don't seem to make one. The new one does seem a little lower but still the manifold is a bit to close for comfort to the bonnet.


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Just a quick looks at the CC parts site, looks like the bracing goes all the way to the top mounting hole, where as you original is only braced to the bottom hole, so looks like changes have been made.   I may be wrong, but it looks like the recessed holes are because the design has changed to add more strength around the join, i.e. it doesn't look like a butt joint anymore. 


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