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speedo sensor


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Hi, may have to recal my stack speedo,  anybody happen to know how many pulses per revlution the sensor receives, ideally on a CSR , but presume they are all likely to similar if they have rear wheel sensor , of you have a stack 8130 fitted , again ideally on a CSR with cr500s , could you have a quick look at speedo cal settings and let me pinch them :-) cheers

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I had an aftermarket 8130 with an inductive speed sensor picking up the disc bolts on the front wheel. You normally enter the circumference of the wheel in mm and the number of pulses per revolution (4 in my case as 4 bolts on the brake disc). For most accurate setting, you can measure the rolling circumference by drawing a chalk line on the tyre and the floor, rolling the car forward for one wheel rotation and measuring the distance the travelled.

It is of course possible that the Caterham Stack display is set-up differently.


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Shaun thanks, the procedure is similar but as far as I know the pickup for the CSR is from a sensor and a wheel on rear hub, am being a bit lazy in the hope someone knows the numbers or has a stack fitted to a CSR and can just read off the figures, I have seen a figure of 43  pulses for some Caterhams, just hoping for more input  


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