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ZZS Pressure

Tony Smith

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Lower Lower - Higher Higher which way will it go.

Over all the years of sprinting on cold tyres where remember you are looking for cold grip and not necessarily the perfectly handling car I have found that 16 psi cold is a good point where it allows the tyre to move, roll and grip the correct amount compared to a poor feel for handling.

The only tyre other than the current slicks to go lower was the ACB10 which we used to run around the 13 or 14 dry and 12 ish wet.

I spent one season trying to make the Kumho work at 13 ish and although the grip was there the car was difficult to drive.  Gave up and decided to go back to 16 at the last round of the year at Anglesey after practice and it was like the car came alive.

I guess what I'm saying is you need to find your own balance but I suspect it will be lower than you think and certainly lower than track day and road going cars will use or any manufacturer will recommend.  But you won't be doing what is recommended for the tyre/ car anyway!

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