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I have a set of rear dampers, AVO steel bodied ones with springs. Spring rate is 150lbs and these dampers are for the older de dion tube where the lower mount goes through the centre of the tube. Serviced by Avo in 2010. 

Just gathering dust in the garage, if interested make me an offer?

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I'm upgrading my suspension in a couple of weeks, so will have my old dampers for sale for probably peanuts, as I don't know how good or how old they actually are. They are the harder M1/M100 Bilsteins with adjustable platforms and are post-96 narrow front track length. I use them on my pre-96 chassis so some of the eyelets have been modified and/or swapped so that they fit the narrower chassis brackets. They can come with springs if you want them, not sure which poundage though, as I have a selection.

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I have a full set of dampers off a 2004 imperial chassis car that has the rear mounts on the underside of the dedion tube. Details below:

Full set of Bilstein dampers, springs and adjustable seats, widetrack, as fitted to 2004 K series R300 cars. Part numbers/details are:

Rear spring, Eibach, 71198

Front spring, Eibach, 75511

Rear damper, Bilstein M0 75526

Front damper, Bilstein M0 75527

These have done 11000 miles, in good condition, swapped for Nitron Street Series last year.


BM if interested.



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