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drive shaft boots, left hand thread,


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Mmmm! The standard Ford unit is a royal pain to fit.

The way to do this quickly and  cheaply is to fit a replacement "flexi boot" They cost about £10.

Loads of places sell them

See this video 


I have used the air tool on the ones that I have replaced; same as in the video but you can get a cone that will work quite well and you just slide it over the CV joint. 

If you use the genuine Ford item you will need to replace the metal "can" as well otherwise it will never stretch over it.

99% of garages use flexi boots as replacements.

don't forget to repack the joint with black moli grease.

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This from Dave Jackson a while ago .....

"Went for a blat and noticed that the brakes were pulling to one side. Got home found that the driveshaft boot had split and coated the brake disc with grease etc.
Rang local factors and looked on blatchat, and bought an outer boot kit from Duraboot kit (FCB 5008), bargain at just £7.85.
Got home removed the rear corner, slipped out the driveshaft and slit the old boot off with a knife. Using a cone you then slide the expandable Duraboot over the driveshaft cone and then he’s in place. You don’t think the boot will actually stretch over the cone but it did a grand job. Filled with the grease provided and secured with the provided metal ties (*Use strong cable ties instead - they don‘t cut the rubber).Fitment is the reverse of removal as they say in the book of lies . Wheels back on drop to the deck
It will be interesting to see how durable the boots are. Keryl the manager and friend at the motor factors reckons he has sold dozens of them and folk report 10's of 1000's of miles .
Unfortunately, They lasted only 500miles
The boots are incorrectly sized for the joints and as such the rubber boot flange rubs on each other and splits once again.
I would suggest you find a local transmission specialist. I had all 4 of mine replaced for £60 labour + about £20 for parts from Ford "

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I read Dave Jacksons post several years ago when replacing a CV boot. Comparing the flexiboot with original part it is eay to appreciate what Dave says and has experienced.

However in my case I was setting off for Le Mans and had only half a day to resolve the problem. In my case the flexiboot took about 2 hours to fit and six years later appears to still be ok.

My car is a 1997 supersport  and I am a bit of a captain slow compared to Dave so no track use and relatively gentle road driving.

If you do go for this route using the cone then warm up the boots in warm water and use plenty of WD 40 on the cone.


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