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Need a new helmet for this season. Has anyone any ideas about the shelf life of the various helmet standards? The Blue Book has some validity dates for Snell standards, but there aren't any for FIA 8860-2010 or FIA 8859-2015.

Engine update - valve cap had failed, dropping an inlet valve. Valve bent and broke a small piece off the guide which was drawn into another cylinder inlet and got wedged in the valve.
2 new inlet valves + set of upgraded valve caps needed. Car currently with McMillan for repair/head refresh and suspension setup check.

Looking forward to the new season.

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I discussed with GPR and Demon Tweeks at Autosport show. Snell SA2010 and 2015 both valid until 2023. After that they think MSA will use the FIA standards, or something will change. So they said no point waiting for a SA2015 helmet. And in 2023 it would be time for a new lid anyway.

But of course, they had alot of SA2010 helmets to shift...

Very happy with the Bell I got from GPR and their service. After trying on many helmets (it was a close thing with the simpson "stig" helmet, but the p1ss taking would have been too much) seems I have exactly same size and shape of head as Mr Calvert, which is a worry.

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