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Camping at Llandow and Llys Y Fran ?


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I'm planning to drive down to wales on the Friday evening, to compete at Llandow on the Saturday and then over to Llys y Fran for the Sunday event. I'm planning to camp for both events.


- what are the camping arrangements/possibilities for both venues?


- any tips/advice as to best travel/camping arrangements for this weekend?







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I used Llandow Caravan Park



(01446) 794527


Its just .5 mile away just off the far end of the circuit and have a 'tent' section. Facilities were good (apart from the all night revelers in the tent next to me)




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Ok, dumb question but I'll ask anyway-


If you camp on the adjacent site what happens in the morning given that events usually start early? Do you pack up at 6.00 am, risk waking the campers near you, and drive out? Are the site gates even open at that time? From my previous, admittedly limited, experience sites do not allow vehicle movements before certain time in the morning which is after our events usually start.


I assume the best plan is to leave the Caterham and trailer in the circuit paddock the night before but I would still need to pack up the tent and drive out in the tin top.






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Llandow Caravan site has great facilities (flat pitch, clean hot showers, washing up facilities, shop, loos, what more do you need?). Thinking back to last year the alleged 11pm noise curfew wasn't enforced *mad*. We were in tent area around to right end of campsite (with external road behind 🙆🏻). Let's be right common decency and self policing is all to be expected when on sites. I certainly didn't feel bad about firing up the Seven at about 7.15am to carefully trickle at low revs straight out to the circuit. I am sure campsite relies to some extent on events and trackdays. A tintop won't wake the P***heads anyhow.

Llys-Y-Fran is just a lovely quiet field with the park loo's as your only facility (take a torch). Best weekend of last year but too much hard work driving an Aeroscreened Seven there and back too . After about 8 hours total weekend sleep and lot's of adrenaline. I was destroyed by Sunday night 😳

Trailer Trash in 2012 *thumbup*

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I believe that the Llandow campsite belongs to the same people who own the circuit, so no problem there.


I also remember from a couple of years ago that there is a Chinese in Llantwit Major that is happy to deliver to the campsite too for a nominal charge *wavey*



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