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Bonnet fitting question


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Hi all,


Maybe an odd question but just realised the bonnet does not seem to sit straight on the car. When the clips are fastened, one side sits proud of the sideskin. Likewise, on the other side, the fastener does not sit in the centre of the clip on the bonnet.


Is this normal as the bonnet on my old car sat flush and seemed to fit perfectly. Any ideas?

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Hi Drifter


Bonnet fitting is a bit of a nightmare. Very few bonnets fit well if you look hard.

Some things to try or check:


The position of the nose cone will affect the bonnet. Check that it is on correctly. Sometimes they dont go far enough back. You can relieve material around the cut-outs for the front ARB, or in extreme cases reposition the DZU fasteners.


Check that the foam strips front and back are in place and not damaged


Also you can carefully form (bend) the edges of the bonnet to get a better profile around the nosecone and at the rear round the scuttle. Do this with by hand, but very carefully - it ie easy to do too much or in the wrong place.


With the rear clips it doesnt matter if they are not dead centre, so long as they latch. You can form the U-section clip piece, either offset to one side to better catch the lug on the bonnet, or shorten it (squash it, IYSWIM) so that it pulls the bonnet down more.




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Mine is similar, I thought it was a miss aligned clip, but waht you will find is that the scuttle may need moving slightly. Line the bonnet up on the rear clips and fasten, then the fronts and see if the rear of the bonnet is parallel to the scuttle, if not then you need to losen off the scuttle retaining nuts in the channels and adjust the scuttle position until square, then it should line up ok.


If not this then could be the rubber tape is wearing unevenly and causing this.






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Guys, thanks for that! I was thinking there was something wrong with it-i will have a look when i can. It will be going into the 7 workshop when the weather gets better so may wait till then..


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