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Front ARB question

The Pikey

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Just putting the front suspension on and the front arb does not seem long enough to locate fully into the buckets on the wishbones. With it all the bones connected I can easily just pop the arb back out the buckets. I take it the arb should push in so the ball hits the back of the bucket both sides to stop it moving side ways?






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I've just done mine, and with the suspension at full drop, I put one ball right in and then had to bend the anti roll bar to get the next in. There didn't seem much chance of them coming out again in a hurry due to the width of the bar.


Have you got wide track suspension? It may be different to my standard set up.

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Yep, widetrack with Aeros. Maybe it's right then but it seems strange that the ARB can be pushed far enough to one side so it can touch the front bolt on the wishbone. I am using the new headlamp stays which does bring the bolt forward though.






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