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Front caliper alignment-now sorted thanks :)


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I've tried to search for this and didn't find anything.


I have the standard calipers, and have just tried to bolt them to the front uprights.


Before the bolts were home the caliper hit the inner surface of the disc. The calipers came in the upright boxes and the only fixings I've found are 4 bolts with spring and plain washers that were already in the uprights.


It seems I need some sort of spacers. If I use the plain washers between upright and caliper rather than under the spring washers, the caliper clears the disc, but the disc isn't centred in the caliper.


Help please *smile*




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Thanks for the advice everyone. I emailed Sean at Caterham today, and he was very prompt to reply.


I am supposed to use the plain washers supplied on the uprights between the calipers and uprights. This gives some clearance, but the disc isn't central in the caliper. As I'm a bit of a perfectionist, I'm going to make up some washers of the correct thickness *smile*


Sean also confirmed that the manual is incorrect with regard to the steering rack bolts. It still says that a washer is needed under the bolt head above the clamp, when it's obvious from the way it is machined that the cap head should drop into the machined recess.


Oh dear, only done the front suspension, and I'm already doubting the manual *confused*

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