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Horn button on the wheel?


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I've been reading the build manual for some time, and when I received my kit last week, I found the horn button is now on the dash. The manual still shows instructions to fit a contact ring and spring loaded contact for a wheel mounted button.


I can see there may well be IVA reasons to move the horn button, but is anyone aware of any reason I can't fit one after the car is registered?


Caterham still sell the parts, so I was thinking of buying them and taking a wire from the horn button on the dash. I seem to remember the earth was down the column on my old elan, so I thought I'd have to buy the spring contact, contact ring to press onto the column outer and a new horn button for the wheel boss.


Thanks *smile*



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Duncan, it depends on your wheel and boss. If the old Mountney with button press centre boss then not a problem, if a Momo or QR set up then it is a problem. The alternative is to wire a press switch to one of the spokes.





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Thanks, I have the Motolita fixed wheel. It has a plastic cap without any button, and a horrible spongy pad for IVA. I've seen centre caps with horn buttons are available from Motolita.


I didn't want to order these parts and find out they don't fit. My main concern is weather the contact ring:




will fit onto the current steering column.




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Hi DJ,


Leave it as it is. The centre push button was a pain for me. I hand to file away quite a lot of the boss to get clearance from the contact ring (it was earthing it, meaning the horn was stuck on!). It was also very sensitive, and didn't take much to inadvertantly toot someone!


Having the horn in the dash makes steering wheel removal, refitting and replacement a doddle. It also means you can thump the steering wheel in rage without making too much noise *tongue*






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