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Rear Brake Disc Bolts


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Just did this job last weekend. Few tips....


Because the bolt heads are very thin you need to get a socket which has no rounded lip on the end of the socket. I ended up machining a few mm off the end of one of mine to achieve this, so the socket end was flat.


I'd recommended putting a blowtorch on each of the bolt heads for 30-40 secs, before you try ungoing them. Also scape away any loose rust, so the socket can get a good grip.


You'll need a 41mm socket for the hub nuts and a breaker bar to undo them.


To get 200ib/ft of torque, you don't need a torque wrench. Just tighten the hub nuts (remember the passenger side has opposite thread) up a bit by hand and then (presuming you weigh approx 180ibs) stand on the breaker bar approx 14" away from the socket centre.



Buy some new bolts and also new hub nuts for fitting.


Remember to use threadlock on the new disk to hub bolts when you fit them and copperslip on everything else, inc a very light coating on back of brake pads.


(applogies if you already know the above)



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Thankyou for your detailed responses, they are much appreciated.


I did manage to get the bolts out over the weekend, ground down the end of the socket as suggested and used a breaker bar. All went well after the first one.


Thanks again

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