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Fitting a switch


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I'm fitting my starcom in the car to the back panel between the seats. I intend fitting the DC cable to the back of the cig lighter which is fitted direct to the battery through a fuse then routed under the tunnel cover and through the back panel, the cable itself carries an inline fuse fitted by Starcom. Albeit I'm a complete numpty with electrics this is fairly straight forward so far. But then I would like to fit a rocker switch between the seats and wire it in before bringing the cable back through the panel and into the comm. This is where my problems start, the DC cable as we all know has two wires P + N but there are three spades on the switch? I'm sure this is obvious to most but I did say I'm a dumbo on these things so I would appreciate it if someone could tell me what wire goes where, thanks



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Sounds like the switch you have is a "single pole changeover". This has one 'common' terminal that is only linked to one of the other terminals when the switch is in one position, and only to the third terminal when in the opposite position IYSWIM.


You therefore need to identify which is the 'common' terminal of the switch, and connect it to the +ve wire from the battery.

Then connect the +ve wire going to the autocom to one of the other switch terminals.

Don't connect the -ve wire from the battery to the switch at all; it just goes directly to the -ve connection of the Autocom.


If the switch works "upside-down" then simply move the +ve wire to the Autocom to the other 'spare' terminal of the switch (or turn the switch upside-down! *wink*).


HTH *wink*


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The three terminals are1 Power in + 2Power in Neg - [the internal illumination is connected across this terminal and the Power out+] [inside the sw] and3 Power out+

So ypur DC supply lead will have its RED + to the1 Power IN + and its NEG Black to the2 Neg- Terminal The out lead NEG- from same neg terminal2 [thats two Black wires on same spade connector] and the RED+out from the Power out terminal3 There will be a small bit of paper in with the SW identifying the Terminals. Nothing can go wrong, can go wrong, can go wrong, can go wrong, can go wrong......... 😬


Old enough to know better Senile enough not to care.


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