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Engine Oil grade on VX also Capacity - DS


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Mobil Motorsport 15/50 for me

My notes when I had a Caterham bellhousing tank follow ...


Caterham advise 5 litres from empty for their tank. 4.25 litres reaches top of filler neck!

At 4.25 litres when engine is started it blows out nearly 1 litre of oil into the catch tank.

After the oil has been blown out the oil level is about 1" below filler neck level with the car on level ground and the engine not running.

Try filling with 3.00 litres - run engine and check level then top up necessary

These notes did not allow for the fact that even when the oil tank is empty there is still a considerable amount of oil still in the sump pan that can not be drained without removal !



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Thats great thanks, looks like 15W 50 is the oil of choice, only slight concern being the cold weather starting properties, can anyone shed any knowledge on that?


(Car will at times be started in 0 degrees or slightly above).


Re capacity its the in bellhousing DS tank.... The capacities seem very low at only 3.25 litres or so?

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From memory, that's what it took to refill after I had drained the tank. You have to factor in that a lot of oil is still in the sump. It's been a while but those are the notes I took at the time. It's better to underfill and then top up. It gets very messy the other way round 😬


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