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Electric question


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Got my new carbon bling headlights onto the car, all wired up. n/s indicator will work on hazards, but when just on indicator it doesn't function and a "growling" noise from under the pax dashboard side is heard - I assume a relay. As I had to do a new earthing (unsheathed copper wire wrapped around light pod bolt then connected to headlight and indicator earths) not sure if it is a poor earth or is it a knackered relay... which at this timeof night I'm unlikely to be able to find a new one.




Is the relay for indicators and hazards not the same one?

If I have a poor earth connection on this side would it work OK on hazards but not as a sole light?






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Hi Richard *wavey*


The indicator and hazard relays are separate.


It does sound like you could have an earthing problem. Does the O/S indicator work okay?

To check the earth can you run a temporary earth from the bulb to the battery. If it works like this then I would assume your earth is poor.


Can you identify which relay is 'growling'





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From your description it seems you have the earth wire terminated at the light mounting bolt, this is not great at the light bracket is not well earthed as it is powder coated and clamped to the chassis. I ran an earth lead back to the chassis and terminated it with a ring terminal which was bolted to the chassis as a convenient point.


As suggested, run a wire to the battery and if this sorts it then make up a dedicated Earth strap to the chassis, not the lamp bracket.




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