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Nosecone differences


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Hi all,


Looking at the Caterham Website at nosecones for the S3 I was confused as to the differences??


Obviously one picks the nose that corresponds to the year of your chassis...but.


As far as I can see you can have either:


Live axle

DeDion pre 2001

DeDion pre 2003

DeDion post 2003


So what are the differences in the DeDion noses? Anyone know the fine detail?




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I know the lower wishbone clearance was changed pre-post 2001 and the nose fit over/under the lower mounting tabs. I think the later noses fit on top of the tabs and have indents, whereas the bottom section of the earlier noses are flat (both still fit either chassis, I think).

Not sure about the other changes..


Cheers - Simon



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I'm not sure this will help you much, but there's a pic of my nose here (click the images for larger size) when I replaced it in around 2005ish. This was a noticeable change in design - hence the pics.


This style of nose (can't tell you what vintage design it is - but I understood it to be 'the latest') effectively did away (for me) the need to fit the lower Dzus fasteners. I think this is because the lower lip extends further back than before and so hooks under the chassis - but I haven't seen the car for over a year (engine repairs) and can't check easily. I certainly only needed to fit the upper (bonnet) Dzus's though.


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One of the differences in the nose cone is the area around the lower wishbone front mounting. On earlier cars the nose cone was cut away and the head of the wishbone mounting bolt was visible when viewed from the front of the car. On later cars the nose cone shrouds this bolt head. I assume this was done for SVA compliance, but I dont know the date of the change.



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