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first mot

Stephen Long

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Check all your lights including fog and brake (it's surprising how many people don't), also check wipers and and make sure water bottle is full and working. If you've got the spare wheel on the back I would remove it, although mine was done up tight, because he could move it a bit he didn't like it although with some arguing he passed it. Also make sure your headlights are tight they tend to give them a good shake to see if the're secure.


Good luck



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yes my god I was noddled... Still it was all in a good cause. Yes scarlett did pass< I put the switch in with little time and I think it needs adjusting, so I will sort that tonight as helen is away. I can spend some quality time with scalett nit the garage. In fact it took longer to print out the ticket than it did to get the mot. They had a problem with the printer.



Thank you so much for the switch ... you saved my life .. 2 on order Monday am


Must go check on my Salmon

Many thanks







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