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Leaking front brake callipers


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Kit started in May 2010 only to find engine had to go back to CC with cracked liner. It was then I first noticed brake fluid coming from behind the dust seals on both calps ☹️. It took 3 new offside units before it was leak free and I am now fitting my 5th nearside unit to replace the one C Mids fitted before the IVA in Oct. All have been leaking from the piston seals. I know of one other with this prob and I'm curious how many others have had the same with kits supplied this year.



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Mine leaked. I passed the SVA though, with a cheeky wipe before I went in. CC replaced them no problems, they leaked as well. Turns out the caliper halves weren't torqued up properly. Nipped up the bolts with a wrench, and haven't seen a drop since. Just one of the quirks of building a car *rolleyes*






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