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touch up paint yellow/green


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I just opened a sealed pot of CC green touch-up - it was more like treacle than paint, and as you say, it didn't harden. Once spread on (as it wouldn't even brush), after several days it ended up all over clothes etc. I suggest it would be better to find out the code and get this elsewhere. *mad*
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Hi Craig,

I went to a paint mixing place recommended by a local paint sprayer. They mixed up some paint after comparing my car with numerous colour swatches. It only took them half an hour and i got a litre (way too much) for about 25quid. I was happy with the match.

Also from a previous Blatchat search. Here are the paint codes that are apparently used by Caterham.


Caterham Standard Colour Mixing Codes


Yellow - 1 litre

AM44 649

51 658

7 668

1 672.6

AK 100 1180.6


also quoted for yellow:

AM44 @ 649 g

AM51 @ 658 g

AM7 @ 668 g

AM1 @ 672.6 g

AK100 @ 1180.6 g





Green - 1 litre

AM 32 277

43 399

6 478

1 488

AK 100 997


I have never used these so I am not sure if they are correct. Maybe someone on here can confirm??


Hope this helps



Ps. I got a cellulose paint which does not need a hardener

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