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K&N Filter Dimensions??


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I currently have the standard foam filter on my single plenum k series however I'm thinking of placing my new PVR25 battery on the bulkhead just in front of the heater. Basically the filter is in the way slightly.


IIRC the K&N version tapers towards the end which I believe would give the clearance I need.


Main dimensions I need to know are overall length and diameter of the closed end of the filter. Oh, and the part number would be useful.


If suitable I'll be posting a wanted advert *wink*






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I have looked but there are quite a few options!! I was after the caterham specific part. On the caterham on line stores the current style foam filter has a code of RU-1480 which maps to a K&N code and the filter looks suitable though has a 10 degree angle on the flange - could be coincidence?!


I'd like to know for sure what the dimensions are from someone who has one fitted.





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