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Cooling system dynamics


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What Jason says.

Some pre-war cars had thermo-siphon cooling with no water pump and relied on the more dense cooled water in the radiator dropping under gravity to circulate. Having said that, I would have thought a decent pump would overcome that effect pretty easily so you could probably run in reverse if you needed to. Be worth knowing if anyone has done it without problems though.


ps, your old car has turned up next door to a friend of mine in Brockham. Seems its having bike engine fitted.




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As Jason says, but it will make a significant difference with regards to efficiency.


But, the other reason why return should be at the bottom is because it almost guarantee's the water returning to the pump/engine is fully flooded. I.E. Liquid and not a saturated state *wink*


Want to rent an 18th century Farmhouse in Rural Somerset?


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Thanks chaps, not critical, but best practice to feed from the stat to the top of the rad then.


The rad is fed by 2x 6' runs along the sill of the car so I guess that also reduceds the criticality.


Paul, let me know when you find the owner. Nigel gave up on it and spent his money on a Cerbera.



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