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1997 1.6kss Exhaust replacement

Steve Campbell

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Hi all,


Had the car 9 years and now looks like the welds have gone on the current exhaust near the "back end" (noticed at the end of Abingdon track day....note none technical terms..gives you an idea of my competence here !).


I've read through the posts on Tech Talk and am a bit confused. My current exhaust has a single exit from the sideskin and I don't want to go for any expensive upgrades if I can help it. I was running 96Db at the track day & I'm happy with the car as is.


Looked at CC and they want £750 for what I think is the right replacement which kind of shocked me !!!


So..question is, can I get one cheaper....and ..can somone explain the value of all these different "primaries" and whether I should REALLY consider going for something different....also bear in mind I am looking to sell this car on in the next 12 months (for an upgrade 😬) so not looking to spend heaps of cash this year...just something to "work" and get me through noise tests on trackdays....


..or can the current one be "rewelded" somehow ???


On the other hand, if something "better" can be had for cheaper I would be a fool not to consider it......my competence does not extend to cutting the sideskin myself so I would need somewhere that both supplies the exhaust and fits it unless a simple direct replacement !


Thanks for any wisdom or advice.....


Steve Campbell

P889 GRR

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All "upgrades" would involve longer primaries (4-1 or 4-2-1), a bigger hole

in the sideskin etc. (and £500+), and might dispense with the catalyst.

You'll get more power/torque, but if you are planning to upgrade anyway,

I'd put the money towards the next car. If your existing one is still 96 dB its

probably worth welding. But... the £75 ebay one looks like a good deal & less hassle. They are easy to swap over.


[You might even be able to sell your old one to a racer for a few quid a bit

later in the season, once they've had a few "racing incidents", as they need cat exhausts now, and as you say, new ones aren't cheap!]



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So what kind of place might repair......and what kind of price....I live near Slough trading estate so not doubt I will be able to find somewhere to help !!


I have 2 cracks....one on the "engine side" weld just at the place the pipe starts to get wider going into the Cat....and one immediately at the exit of the "wide bit" into the last few inches of exit pipe...... both cracked on the welds.


Am also looking at that one on e.bay and am in touch with the person via blatmail....

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