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1.4 K Series Enhancements

Often in France

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Vernier pulleys and proper timing approx £250.


Light flywheel if you can find one with the right crank trigger pattern.


Supersport kit if its not got one already (or DVA equivalent)


Bigger throttle body (52mm)


4-1 exhaust with the long primaries.

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Seasider - whilst the 1400 is never going to give the power and particularly the torque of an 1800, it's a very tractable and able unit - it's worth considering that the later 1400s were generally fitted with the "high port" head (see the site Bill has linked to) and therefore has the same head/valves as the 1600 & 1800s - this is a lot of the reason why an 1800SS doesn't give vastly more HP than a 1400SS (130-vs-138)


You don't mention though whether it is a Supersport variant? Does it have the forward-facing aluminium Supersport plenum? If so, first thing is to modify the throttle-stop on the throttle-body (with a hacksaw!) to enable the butterfly valve to open fully at full throttle. You'll be surprised how much further it can go! Secondly the induction will benefit from a shroud around the air-filter to take cooler air from over the radiator rather then the warm air it will be getting now. Cheap mods eh?


If it's not a Supersport, then you've guessed it ........... pick up a s/h Supersport kit for a 1400!


Worth a trip to the LADS meet north of Bolton if you've not already been?



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Definetly a big thumbs up for the SuperSport kit. I absolutely loved my 1400 SS, so much so that I was a bit disappointed when I went 1800 SS, as it lost the real bonkers nature of the 1400.


When costing out upgrades, don't forget to subtract what you can sell your old bits for.


My stages would be:

Supersport Kit



TBs and Emerald.



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