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diff / prop shaft oil seal


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It would be a pig to do in place but to save taking it completely out you could try just removing the bottom bolts and then the front would swing down on upper rod. I still think it would be a nightmare getting the new seal in though and I would whip the diff out. Ideally you will need make a tool to hold the front flange while you loosen/tighten the front nut too.






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Did it on a Westfield, so can't see why it can't be done in-situ on a Caterham.


Remove the boot floor if it gives better access - did on the westie as you simply reached down to the diff.


Drop the prop, hand brake on, mark the position of the nut - ie centre pop one of the flats on the nut and in the same place on the outer edge of the prop flange. Undo the nut, and count the turns.


Remove the nut, and remove the flange, watch for some oil to come out - but shouldn't be too much - making sure you know where the pop mark is. Lever the old seal out with screwdriver or similar, having first noted how far in it is.


Tap new one in to same distance. Lubricate the seal surface. Clean and lubricate the diff flange and reinstall, lining the pop mark up with where it was before. Refit the nut, counting turns, and tighten to the pop mark (so it now hasn't crushed the spacer in the diff any more, it's also only as loose as it was before, so if the diff pinon pre-load was right before, it is still now).


Refit prop and boot floor, top the diff oil up if needed, and paranoically (is that a word, and is it spelt right?) check the diff nose for any signs of leakage every other day . . .


Apologies if you knew all this, but I can't sleep, it's early in the morning, and I'm bored . . .



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Phew . . . I've been holding it this 2 this morning . . *cool*


Actually, I've perused the Tony Weale book today for a suitable piccie of the rear end of a live axle car, and it does look a little tighter than the rear of a westie. If you have a pit, or like lying under a car on ramps, then it still looks doable.


I think the diff nose seal was the first time I'd reversed my westie up a set of ramps - a little too sudden application of the throttle left the car where it was, but shot the ramps forward as the wheels rotated backwards - car went up . . . then down . . smack top of the ramps - which is why for the 7 years I owned it, it had a multi-coloured repair to the GRP body, nearly hidden by an Airedale & Peninne Motor Club sticker . .



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