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O/T Canon EF 50mm metal mount lens and (lots of) filters


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In an attempt to spring clean and de-clutter my house I have found more photo stuff I never use.


Canon EF 50mm F1.8 Mk1 metal mount lens. This has focus and depth of field scale and infra red focus point which the later MK2 plastic mount lenses don’t have. Near perfect condition. With front and rear caps. £95.00 SOLD


Hoya 67mm Polarizing filter. Near perfect condition £15.00 SOLD


Jessops 58mm polarizing filter. Made in Japan. Boxed, virtually un-used.

Jessops want £35.00 for a new one of these. £15.00 SOLD


Zenza Bronica 67mm Yellow filter. £10.00


Hoya 58mm Skylight filter £5.00


Nikon 52mm L37 UV filter £5.00


Hoya 52mm 81B (warming) filter £5.00


Pentax 58mm SMC Skylight filter £5.00


Box of 14 assorted Cokin filters, 2 filter holders with various adaptors from 46 to 62mm (no 58mm adaptor but 2 x 52 mm adaptors). I’ll include a Jessops wallet with another 5 Cokin compatible filters, another compatible filter holder with 55 mm adaptor and another 6 assorted glass 55mm filters. Will list all the filters (if I really have to!) if somebody is interested. The Cokin filters includes graduated, polarizing, colour temperature changing, etc 25 filters in total. £50.00


REDUCED to £45.00 inc carriage.


Offers on remaining filters above.






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