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Fuel on garage floor

David Lynch

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Went to to Se7en this evening and cranked for 20 seconds but would not start. Pushed back out of garage to find pool of fuel on floor and dripping from somewhere around filter. 😳

Cleaned everything and checked all joints and hoses but couldn't replicate problem. Car ran fine once started (battery) with no evidence of leak.

Got me confused (not difficult)


How does fuel return system work? Feel this should be my focus as well as changing what is a very old fuel filter.


EN Yorks 7's

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Dave, a common leak is the flexi pipe that forms a long curve from the tank to the filter. On my old car (similar age to yours I think) I disturbed it when doing some work on the shocker - it was days later when I decided to investigate the fuel smell that I discovered the hose was SERIOUSLY perished where it had been on the inside of the curved run. Disturbing the hose had allowed the cracks to open! Worth checking!


Sometimes there's a weep from the output end of the tank also, but more likely to be a perished hose somewhere - both the feed and return run at high pressure in an injection car therefore can be prone to leaks if perishing has occured.




Thanks Ian, edited for not being able to bl%%dy spell so early on a Sunday morning *mad*


Edited by - sforshaw on 12 Apr 2009 09:29:00

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