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Stack remote warning light


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Posting on behalf of MikeE, and because I want to do the same myself :-


"finally got the wiring sorted behind the dash and wired up the external warning light to the Stack harness. I'm using the yellow/white wire from the stack. I faked zero oil pressure and got the light to come on on the Stack but the yellow/white wire only registers 0.69 volts which sin't enough to illuminate the external light. I wonder why it's only 0.7 volts and if in fact i have the right wire (I think i do as it registers a voltage as the stack light comes on)"

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The Stack wires should be in a pair, with one providing a fixed voltage supply and the other being switched earth. Stack's wiring is usually consistent in using red for the 12v supply. He should be looking for a cable pair with red and yellow wires. The yellow should be coming from Pin N on the MIL connector on the back of the Stack.
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Many thanks both of you - that looks simple enough. Does anyone happen to have a picture of the pod mounted one on actual car? The part is ST534, I can't seem to find a good picture on the stack website though, best so far is here.


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